Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day: PM reminds the world about the miserable situation in Kashmir

Prime Minister demands world community to act against inhuman Indian siege of Kashmir. December 10 is the day when ‘Human Rights Day’ in all over the world is being observed. PM Imran Khan tweeted on the Human Rights Day to tell the world about the situation in Kashmir. 

The Indian government has been blocking the Kashmiri People from all type of communication and striped them off from the internet for over four months now.

“On Human Rights day we must appeal to the world’s conscience, to upholders of international law and to the UNSC to act against the illegal annexation of IOJK by the Indian occupation govt.”

PM also condemned the act violence on innocent Kashmiri people and the use of brutal force that has been ‘inflicted’ on Kashmiri children and women.

Prime Minister also lauded the resilience and ‘struggle’ of Kashmiri people for the right of self-determination

He further expressed his thoughts on world human rights day and provoked Muslims to remember about the ‘justice and protection of human rights’ that our Prophet (SAW) taught us 1400 years ago. 

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President Dr. Arif Alvi also sent out a message.

 “Pakistan stands committed to protect and promote human rights and will continue making efforts to safeguard freedom, liberty, dignity and self-esteem of every citizen of the state,” Said President Alvi.

Kashmiri people are struggling for their lives. The situation in Kashmir is worsening day by day. The world community had not reacted at all despite the miserable condition of Kashmiri people.

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