830,000 pornographic websites has been blocked, senate told

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked over 830,000 websites which are subjected to pornographic and explicit content. This was revealed by the Chairman PTA during the meeting of the senate standing committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication on Monday.

The committee was headed by the Senator Rubina Khalid. The committee told that websites that were blocked are on the basis of information given by Interpol. PTA had blocked some 2,364 websites containing child pornography acting on the information. 

Committee was further informed that most of the content related to child pornography is available on dark web which is not accessible to common people. The committee was briefed by National Response Centre for Cybercrimes (NR3C) about the status of child pornography.

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The FIA personals later updated the body about the preventive initiatives and inquires that were made into the child pornographic cases. FIA officials informed that the agency had received 14 cases related to child pornography, However, there are five of them in which the investigation has been conducted.

The FIA stressed that they are in need of the new laws in order to conduct the inquiries more freely. Right now they can only act on cases against which the complaints were filed. FIA were asked to put forth the recommendations regarding appropriate amendments in laws.

Senator Kulsoom Parveen expressed that all agencies should work together on the issue, she further called for the empowerment of the agencies to perform to their fullest. She also stressed to work with N3RC in such matters to act promptly.

The senate body requested the presence of all service providers in their next sitting to draft the strategy and measures for concerned matter.

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