Fake card readers

Fake card readers to steal people’s bank information

Five people were subject to arrest in a shopping mall located in Lahore as they were accused of using fake ATMs and credit card readers for stealing people’s bank information – however, two amongst these five have also managed to escape. The arrest took place in one of the city’s more well-known shopping malls.

The suspects have swine then been accused of getting their hands on millions and millions of rupees with the aid of this scam – Rs. 3 million in case, along with fake ID cards as well as fake passports were recovered from their possession.

The accused have been identified as ringleader Mehboob Sadaqat, Muhammad Ahmed, Muhammad Ayaz Ansari, Owais Junaid and finally, Shiraz. Along with Sadaqat’s wife, a man named Sohail Baba also managed to escape.

In fact, this isn’t the first time that Sadaqat has been involved with the police, as he was also arrested four years ago in 2015 for forging ID cards.

The news for the arrested party has indeed been confirmed by FIA’s deputy director of cyber crime in Sarfraz Chaudhry. Amongst the accursed, three of the suspects were actually workers at the stores and they used the group’s card readers in a successful attempt to steal the information of many people. Their crimes did not end here as they also installed fake keypads as well as cameras at ATMs – to steal the information of people. It has since been confirmed by the FIA that such scams have indeed been carried out on a global scale by the accused.

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