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A day of celebration for the transgender community of Pakistan

A society that claims to be modern in every sense lacks far behind when it comes to acceptance. When would be the right time to stop living in myths? “Acceptance” would do wonders for our society.

“ I was a normal child but it’s the world that made me feel different,” says a transgender (Khawajasera)

All they ever want is for society to understand that they are people. They’re human beings, and this is a human life. This is the reality for them, and all they ask for is acceptance and validation for what they say that they are. It’s a basic human right. 

“Sadly, there is not a realisation in our country what kind of hardships transgenders face,” said Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

“The objective behind this is that our government is owning you,” he told the audience, which comprised many members of the transgender community at a ceremony held in connection with the launch in Islamabad. The government was heartily appreciated at the ceremony for the idea to provide health insurance to transgenders.

It is indeed a shame that no government before PTI played any role for the creation of an excellent humanitarian and justice system for transgenders in the country. Despite inheriting “the most difficult economic conditions in Pakistan’s history” PTI has decided to lift the weaker segments of society through the health insurance scheme.

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Imran Khan ensured their “complete protection” and work to eliminate the negative attitudes prevalent against them.

Sehat Sahulat Program for the transgender community, a first in Pakistan’s history.

It is indeed very difficult for poor people to afford health expenditures and the government is facilitating them as well through Sehat Sahulat Cards.

The initiative will cater to the individuals of the transgender community registered with the National Database and Registration Authority from the Islamabad Capital Territory, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and all other provinces.

The program offers financial protection to the poor and vulnerable families against extraordinary healthcare expenditure for in-door treatment at impaneled hospitals across the country in order to reduce the financial burden on them in a dignified manner.

Spirit of life and love that resides within and among us, we enter this moment with all that we are, with an open heart, and with a love for justice.

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