Chinese man beats

Chinese man beats up a Traffic warden over “no parking” ticket

So in the latest, GeoNews have reported that a Chinese national allegedly assaulted a traffic police officer after the warden charged charged the man with a no-parking offense, as told by the source in the Sindh Police. 

Moving on, the Chinese man beats the officer near the Qayyumabad area of Karachi and on top of that he severely injured the officer to the extent that the officer had to be taken to a nearby hospital, such is the level of professionalism being shown by our “friendly neighbors “.  The foreigner who found guilty as he was involved in the violent incident has since then been arrested by the authorities. 

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It was found that the Chinese national was seemingly travelling seemingly alongside a driver, who said he was following his employer’s orders. “I had parked the car in a no parking zone,” admitted the driver. He later said that “The officer had asked me to remove the car, however my employer [Chinese national] did not let me,”. The driver further mentioned that the assault by the Chinese man whose name is still not given by the authorities came as a response to the traffic police, who tried to remove the car forcefully.

“The traffic police began to take the car away using a lifter, after which is the reason as to why my employer started beating the officer badly”. One needs to understand that he or she is in fact on foreign soil and even if he or she is not one can not simply break the law and breaking it to such an extent that you start beating an officer of the law is simply horrendous. In this act of immense irrationality we surely hope that the Chinese man is shown the true justice system of our country and that he gets penalised for such an offensive act.

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