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Xiaomi’s new keyboard design makes it a comfortable match for both writers and gamers

So Xiaomi has laid its foundation in pretty much every sector of the technology industry, the company is well known for making price competitive mobile phones devices and have established a formidable brand image when it comes to mobile phone devices, however the company is not limited there, the company are starting to enjoy profits from other sources as well, be it the TV market or be it the sound market and now the company is also starting to gradually emerge in the computer accessories department as well. 

Xiaomi’s subsidiary company, Yuemi recently launched another round of its mechanical keyboard. The company first made the news in 2016 after they launched its first mechanical keyboard which had 87 keys. Two years after that, they successfully launched there first keyboard, Yuemi launched two mechanical keyboards in the year 2019. Unlike the first keyboard, these came with 104 keys. This time the company, on the last day of 2019, decided to launch its second-generation Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard in China.

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Now the keyboard comes with 87 keys and has in it H32 Aluminum alloy body. The keys, on the other hand, have a dual-color design and are constructed using TTC red shaft and ABS materials. With the addition of  alloy construction and the 6-layer design, the keyboard has a premium finish and is wear-resistant which is unlike most of the affordable keyboards available in the market. The keyboard weighs 940 g and has 358mm x 128mm x 31.6mm dimensions. 

The second-generation Yuemi Mechanical Keyboard features four different LED backlight levels. It is powered by a built-in 32-bit ARM main control chip and has a 1000 Hz refresh rate. The latency is 1ms which is pretty impressive however, it supports up to 11 key presses without contradictions. When it comes to connectivity, the keyboard carries support for a USB Type-C interface connection and has a simple plug and play pattern. The keyboard is available for purchase on Xiaomi Youpin and will cost consumers $42.

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