‘LUMS’ changes its name to LUMSU , Twitter is not convinced

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) will not change its name. The notification came earlier to change the university’s name to LUMS university. The move came as part of the overhaul and rebranding of the varsity. Students and faculty of the university has been notified via email. However, in a new email on Tuesday Vice-Chancellor took a step back and said that the name will remain the same.  

In new email from VC, it said, that the name was “written in good faith to reflect the reality of our five schools that comprise our university and to encourage to use as a communication strategy the acronym LUMS as a noun, which is how most have come to know us”. adding further that “message was not intended to change the university’s name which remains as the ‘Lahore University of Management Sciences’ and will continue to be used as such.”

The university’s new name quickly became viral on social media and people are coming up with funny reactions and comparisons. Some can not get the sense behind the move, others are struggling to accept the fact that now they have to call the university name lumsu instead of lums. However, Twitter is busy trolling university management over the move.

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The varsity will not use ‘lums’ as an acronym anymore. The email that has been dispatched from the office of Vice-Chancellor of the varsity which stated, “comprehensive university offering over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes through its schools of business, humanities, and social sciences, science and engineering, law and education”.

As per university, the move came as part of diversity and to promote in house inclusivity. According to the university “disciplinary growth and its comprehensive status is better to understand by Lums University”.

However, Twitteratis are not completely convinced by the idea of new name. #LUMSU has been trending on top on twitter since morning. Moreover, People are not completely happy with the sound of the new name. Hilarious reactions are coming up on twitter regarding the name.

“It was already a borderline case for “LUMS”,  but #LUMSU is too much, resonates much with what we Punjabis do with names. Fazal to Fazlu, Aisha to Ashu,” wrote one twitter user.

Another user wrote, “Well atleast now they can use all the money they got from taking peoples scholarships away into doing this rebranding mission nobody needed or wanted,”

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