Dubai weather causes disruption

Terrible Dubai weather causes disruption

Due to severe weather, stormy rain and water accumulation at the airport, flights were stranded in Dubai. 

Shipping at Dubai airport ends, with refueling difficulties meaning that PIA flight PK 214 Karachi, 212 Islamabad, 222 Multan, 224 Lahore and 204 Faisalabad are still at Dubai Airport, Dubai weather causes disruption.

PIA’s domestic flights were also severely affected due to these aircraft being trapped in Dubai. PK 304 and 306 Karachi to Lahore, 341 Karachi to Faisalabad were all canceled, while PK-305 Lahore to Karachi will be delayed by two and a half hours. 

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The departure of PK-308 Karachi to Islamabad will be delayed by 6 hours as PIA releases revised schedule for Sunday weather forecast. 

PK 213/214 Karachi to Dubai, 235/236 Islamabad to Dubai, and finally, 283/284 Peshawar to Dubai were all subject to cancelation, Dubai weather causes disruption. 

All affected passengers are being offered alternatives by contacting their given numbers, said spokesman PIA Abdullah Khan. PK 211/212 Islamabad to Dubai and PK 203/204 Lahore to Dubai has been shifted to 777. All travelers are advised to register their numbers by calling the PIA call center themselves so that there is no problem. PIA staff specializes in caring for stranded passengers – said spokeswoman belonging to the airline.

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