CES 2020

Not Your Run-of-the-mill Gadgets: CES 2020

Just like every year, this year even more so, CES 2020 has brought us more than just smartphones. Some have even gone on to say that it is slowly becoming a car show. But that didn’t stop many companies from bringing the most peculiar and clever products to the consumer electronics show. These devices are the one which we didn’t know we needed, but here they are, so let’s take a look.


The days of using a watch from fitness tracking might be too outdated because now we have belts doing the same thing. It even tries to detect people from falling based on their tracking stats so to alert them before it happens. The company plans on a commercial roll out in April 2020.

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For all those pet owners out there who believe they don’t give as much time to their pets as they should, GO DOGO might have a way out for you from all that guilt. It keeps the dog busy with exercises and videos which if seen by the dog gives a treat for positive reinforcement. It has cameras which keeps you up to date on how your dog is reacting to all this. The starting price is $399 and is expected to launch in fall 2020.


All waiters out there, watch out! This one is out for your jobs! This cat is to be used in restaurants to carry your food to your table, upto 10kg. It also supports scratching behind its ears as it purrs but you can’t do that for too long because a cat’s gotta do its job. However, this robot waiter coming into the production phase is highly unlikely and primarily there for people to see the level of advancement reached in the electronics sector.

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