foldable phone from Huawei Mate XS

Next foldable phone from Huawei to be cheaper and smaller?

Even though its first ever foldable device did not even manage to make it to the global market, Huawei is gearing up to launch its second generation foldable phone. The device is set to be called the Mate XS(foldable phone from Huawei), with the company looking to introduce the device at this year’s MWC.

As of now, the only confirmation that we have with regards to anything about the device is the fact that it will arrive with the 5G Kirin 990 chipset. Though now, we have done additional news – which of course is rumored and not confirmed.

A report coming in from Huawei’s home country of China claims that the Mate XS will be cheaper when compared with its predecessor. This will be a direct consequence of the fact that Huawei now has greater experience as well as a better grip when it comes to the manufacturing process of foldable phone from Huawei.

Supply chain sources have also made claims in the past that it is no longer difficult to assemble a foldable device.

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In addition to all this, the Huawei Mate X is also set to arrive with a redesigned hinge mechanism along with a sturdier display. It is expected that the hinge will be more stable while the display too will be more durable this time around.

It is also being reported that the Mate XS will actually be smaller when compared with the Mate X in the device’s overall footprint. However, as far as the display size is concerned, it has been noted that it will actually remain the same. Moreover, interesting news also comes in the form of rumors suggesting that Huawei is set to launch yet another foldable phone for the year – to go along with the Mate XS.

2020 promises to be a very important year for Huawei as the company looks to get even deeper in the foldable sector of the market. 

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