PTCL collaboration with Bykea makes paying bills easier

The modern-day customers want services and products that are unique, better and provide value for money. We live in a digital age of internet, smartphones, AI, online shopping, ride-hailing services, etc. These innovations are driven by consumer demand that continues to grow by the minute. This era has brought all sorts of new technologies that play an important role in development, growth and making a business stand out in the industry.

With focus on customer convenience in past few years, PTCL has been working on new, innovative and hassle-free options for bill payment, including PTCL Touch App and eBilling. The company has tirelessly come up with ways to digitize the payment process.

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PTCL’s recent collaboration with Bykea will further improve the process and provide convenience to customers. For those that don’t know, Bykea is a popular on-demand ride-hailing and parcel delivery service. Riders come on bikes to pick up packages and deliver them to the delivery address. Recently, the service has also included bill payment option, wherein the customers can call a rider to collect the payable amount and submit the bill.   

The process is quite easy as customers can download the Bykea App and provide the necessary details such as name, number and address. From there, customers can click on the Bykea ‘Cash Option ‘and enter the pick-up location. After that, from the company name drop-down list, PTCL can be selected followed by the account number and bill amount. It’s that simple! A rider will be on his way to pick up the cash and pay the PTCL bill through any bank. For confirmation, the customer will get an SMS to confirm that the bill has been paid. Alternatively, the customer can also engage Bykea’s bill delivery service by calling at +92 311 1111700.

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of customer convenience. From small to large business entities, new ways to offer greater convenience to customers is always the top priority. This will not only help in retaining current customers but also gain new ones. 

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