Youth is the country’s biggest asset :PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday declared that the youth was the country’s “biggest asset” and said that the government would invest as much as it can to empower the young population.

The premier was speaking in Karachi at a cheque distribution ceremony of the Kamyab Jawan Programme, where he distributed cheques among young people who had applied for loans in order to start their own business.

“How are nations formed? When young people are vibrant, they work hard, start their own businesses. When they (youth) succeed, they lift up the country,” he said. He added that although Pakistan is blessed with countless assets, the biggest asset is its youth.

“Young people can uplift a nation because they have time to work hard […] they have ambition and that ambition takes them, as well as the country, higher.”

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told the attendees of the event that the government has started three programmes from which the youth can benefit. A skills development programme, Hunarmand Jawan, is meant to provide professional training to the youth, while the ‘Ehsaas for Students’ programme will provide 50,000 scholarships to students who require financial aid to complete their education.

“The more we invest in our youth, the more our country will progress,” he remarked.

While addressing the event, the prime minister said that it was important to uphold merit to ensure the success of a nation.

“This programme will only succeed when it provides loans on merit,” he said, adding that dishonesty causes programmes to fail.

Prime Minister Imran regretted that while Pakistanis who lived overseas were able to succeed in every field, they could not grow at home because of dishonesty and a lack of merit.

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