Sony’s revival?

Compared to the situation previously, things are starting to look up for tech giant Sony. It has been widely known that the company’s smartphone business hasn’t exactly been flourishing over the past couple of years, however, recent times have suggested there has in fact been some reorganization – as the company has launched new models which actually deviate from the traditional design that it has been known for. And this has started to yield some results. Sony released its financial report for the fourth quarter of last year – and this shows off some improvement in the sales department.

The company managed to ship 1.3 million smartphones during this period. While this may not seem as a huge achievement – especially when you consider what Huawei or Samsung have managed in the same period, compared to the 600,000 units Sony managed to ship in the previous quarter in Q3, the results are in fact impressive.

Regardless of the smartphone business, the tech giant has indeed managed to uphold its name in the image sensors world as the demand for Sony sensors has remained there. The financial report certainly seems to back this up, as the company’s profit from the sensor business went up by 62 percent to $684 million. The company had also previously stated that demand for its image sensors have even been overwhelming.

Overall, Sony actually saw a 20 percent decline in profits with respect to Q4 2019. Its operating profits saw a drop to $2.73 billion from $3.43 billion a year earlier. This is due to the acquisition of music publisher EMI. If the acquisition wasn’t factored in, then Sony actually managed a rise in profit by about six percent. Moreover, Sony also expects its annual operating profit to increase by about five percent to $8.1 billion. But, much like other firms, the company is vary about the Coronavirus factor having an impact on its global supply chain.

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