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Keep your devices free from germs

The Coronavirus which has made headlines for the better part of 2020 was recently been declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The reason behind this is the fact that the virus has traveled across the world to other parts other than just China. The advice that exists for all currently is to stay at home and practice social distancing.

Of course apart from that, regular as well as proper handwashing practices are also being encouraged. There has also been advice coming through that surfaces that we all frequently touch should in fact be cleaned – and this is where our mobile phones and other gadgets fall. Smartphones possess the tendency to potentially transmit diseases as the germs on the device can easily be transmitted to the skin whenever the phone is used.

And so, it is important to keep your phones clean. In that, people should make a habit of using Colorex wipes or similar products that come with 70 percent isopropyl in order to clean their devices. The use of alcohol with respect to phones and other gadgets is not at all recommended because of the fact that alcohol has the potential to damage the screen as well as the ports which are found within a device. And hence, it would be a much better practice to use the disinfectant wipes.

Also, one should not use bleaches, sprays and abrasives as these too may damage the screen. Instead, the use of soft linen free clothes to clean the phone is encouraged. If looked for, there also happen to be available some mobile sanitizers which can be used to make the best of the situation. Of course it is important to note here that cleaning the device should always be carried out via soft clothes, as the use of abrasive cloth, towels as well as paper towels possess the capabilities to damage the device!

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