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Upgrading Lahore Zoo and Safari Park: Transforming into an International Standard Facility

Lahore Zoo and Safari Park, located in Punjab, has recently been granted a remarkable opportunity for transformation under the guidance of Mohsin Naqvi, the Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab. The CM has announced plans to upgrade the facilities to meet international standards, ensuring a significant improvement in the experience for visitors and the welfare of the animals.

1. Introduction

The Lahore Zoo and Safari Park have long been popular attractions, but with this recent announcement, they are set to undergo a substantial transformation. Inspired by the exceptional zoological standards of Singapore’s renowned facilities, CM Mohsin Naqvi envisions bringing Lahore Zoo and Safari Park to a similar level of excellence.

2. A Vision for Change

During a crucial meeting, CM Naqvi expressed his commitment to upgrading the zoo and park. His vision encompasses creating a world-class facility that adheres to international standards, offering a safe and captivating environment for both animals and visitors.

3. Acquiring New Animal Species

Recognizing the importance of biodiversity and enriching the variety of species housed in the zoo and park, CM Naqvi has assigned the task of acquiring new animal species. This initiative will introduce a wider range of creatures, fostering educational opportunities and captivating the interest of visitors.


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4. Enhancing Visitor Experience with Glass Enclosures

One of the significant improvements planned for the Lahore Zoo and Safari Park is the replacement of traditional enclosures with glass structures. This transition will allow visitors to observe the animals up close while ensuring their safety. By removing physical barriers, the zoo aims to provide an immersive experience that connects people with wildlife.

5. Creating an Educational and Entertaining Facility

CM Naqvi has emphasized the importance of making the upgraded facilities appealing to everyone. The focus is on creating a space that is both educational and entertaining, catering to the diverse needs and interests of visitors. Through interactive exhibits, informative signage, and engaging activities, the zoo and park will offer a unique learning experience for individuals of all ages.

6. Attracting More Visitors

The transformation of Lahore Zoo and Safari Park is expected to attract a greater number of visitors. By aligning with international standards and offering an enhanced experience, the facilities will become a premier destination within Punjab. The upgraded facilities will not only draw locals but also attract tourists from across the country and beyond.

7. Contributing to Conservation and Preservation

The improvements to Lahore Zoo and Safari Park serve a dual purpose. While providing an exceptional experience for visitors, they also contribute to the conservation and preservation of various species. By ensuring the well-being of the animals and promoting awareness about wildlife conservation, the upgraded facilities will play a vital role in protecting endangered species and their habitats.


The announcement by CM Mohsin Naqvi to upgrade Lahore Zoo and Safari Park marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of these beloved attractions. With a vision for international standards and a focus on both visitor experience and animal welfare, the facilities are set to undergo significant transformations. By acquiring new animal species, introducing glass enclosures, and creating an educational and entertaining environment, Lahore Zoo and Safari Park are poised to become world-class destinations that captivate and educate visitors while contributing to the conservation of our planet’s precious wildlife.