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Warid employees to have their future decided by Mobilink in next three months.

The said merger was announced completed recently This move seems to be one of the
major moves which could be decisive for the future of Warid. The Mobilink­Warid
merger is moving towards it’s final steps.One final step being taken is, appointment of
eight department heads of Warid as employees of Mobilink for the next three
months.These 90 days are going to significant as these key employees will have their
future decided.The Warid department heads are asked to report to their Mobilink
co­workers,working as advisors to the corresponding Mobilink departments heads and
will be aswerable to them.Muneer Faroooqi,CEO warid will report to Mobilink’s
CEO,Aamir Ibrahim,as an advisor.The work and talent that will be shown by Warid
employees will decide wheater they will be allowed to retain their or will be allowed to
let­go.Warid and Mobilink are said to share same admisistrations,board and
managemnet. We might have to wait for six months before we see Mobilink­Warid as
one entity.

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