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Gree launches Digital campaign to highlight performance of its Air Conditioners

Gree is a leading brand of air-conditioners in the world, distributed in Pakistan by DWP Group. Gree has launched a fresh digital campaign to highlight its recognition as the most reliable brand in terms of performance and quality. The campaign will communicate GREE Inverter AC’s ability to save upto 65% on energy, while consistently giving the most powerful cooling. It also shows the other unmatched features of Gree products to create awareness among the consumers. Information about the robust business performance of the GREE brand will also be provided to the consumers through this digital campaign.

Gree has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers. Whereby Gree’s most advanced INVERTER technology can now ensure faster cooling with much lower consumption of electricity. Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable air conditioners, to ensure best performance in Pakistan’s hot climatic conditions and environment.

There is a rapidly increasing trend in Pakistan market, as the consumers are now opting for air conditioners based on inverter technology, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and the overall cost of air-conditioning. A research study in Pakistan has revealed that; In the long-run GreeInverter AC proves to be the most economical product, due to consistent performance and low maintenance costs.

The motor in Gree AC is more powerful, but consumes less electricity due to better technology. Conventional Inverter PCB technologies require additional cooling from liquid pipes connected to it, whereas GREEInverter PCB is independent of the Refrigeration cycle. The experts have noted that the average ‘Grill temperature’ in Gree remained 18% better than the competing products. Thus, the GreeACs cool the room much more quickly, while other ACs take almost 25% extra time (10 minutes more) in cooling the room.

Gree’s new Digital campaign for promoting its air-conditioners will enable consumers to understand and recognize the state-of-the-art technology used in Gree ACs, while these products are further enriched with sophisticated designs and more colors. Now that Gree is having a strong foothold on the digital world, it will be easier for the consumers to know about the high-performance features, and advanced technology of GREEproducts.Thus, making it easier for the buyers to explore and choose the best products.

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