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total population of the country and have reserved Rs. 20 billion

Govt reserved Rs. 20 billion for young graduates

Finally,  government Pakistan didn’t ignore the young class which is about 60 percent of the total population of the country and have reserved Rs. 20 billion for the skill development,  PM’s laptop, and youth program.

This reservation is aimed to help youngsters in Pakistan by providing them a much-needed gateway into the digital world.

Young graduates are lucky enough as they will be provided with the incentives to dive into the startup eco-system. Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister of Pakistan exposed the exemption that has been planned for the new technology companies and startups from paying income taxes for the next three years.

 It is reported that previously the provincial government allocated Rs. 4 billion to provide laptops to the students but scheme faced a lot of criticism where educational institutions have been found minting money in the name of “Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme”. A number of eligible students were also reported to go through quite an exhaustive process to acquire the “ free device “.

Despite the reservation due for the youngsters,  it is to be observed how the Govt will entertain the 60 percent of the Pakistani population through its youth development schemes.

Hopefully,  the talent -government’s most interest seeking point-  will be excited by this announcement of 20 billion Rupees reserved for the young people. And the youngsters belonging to the families that can’t provide them the basic facilities they need to continue their journey of progress will get their minds refreshed having gone through the budget 2017-18,  which is a light they deserve.

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  • Imran Ali , May 29, 2017 @ 11:03 pm

    Indeed government is anthusiast to promote education but my question is who will provide jobs to this educated youth?
    If they are skilled to start some own business who is responsible for the lack of resources? M.Phil degree holders are seen wandering on the footpaths in search of 9 scale jobs with degrees in their hands and laptops on climbing on their backs, just due to lack of resources. ..

    • netmagblog , May 30, 2017 @ 3:43 pm

      This is also responsibility of the govt to provides jobs

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