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Nokia P1 Android smartphone Leaked News

If you have used Nokia you will recall Nokia 3310 and other smartphones that could break a wall and still there is not a graze on them. Nokia is back in marketplace but this time, corporation is going to build Android-based smartphones

Late in May Nokia acknowledged that they are not just recurring but they are upcoming with Android Operating System. The Finland-based organization will license its product to Asian partners which will then make Nokia handsets. Since the sayings, there are rumors of Nokia phones.

Earlier this month some pictures have gone viral on the web of Nokia P1, however, these pictures turned out to be that of  Aquos P1 which is aimed by engineers at Shart and InFocus a Foxconn subsidiary.

To return in smartphone manufacture, Nokia has rented its name to Foxconn, which was declared earlier this year. Foxconn also bought Sharp a few months ago, which may give an clarification as to why the picture could be the same as the Sharp Aquos 1. Many have recommended that the Sharp Aquos P1 will be rebranded as the Nokia P1 for introduction in Europe later this year, but there is no solid proof to back this up.

Well for the time being there is no authorized news or report connected to Nokia P1 handset.

Nokia P1 Specifications

Nokia P1 allegedly could share the same set of specifications with that of Sharp Aquos 1.

  • 5.3-inch FHD resolution IGZO panel
  • Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB RAM
  • 32GB of expandable storage
  • 22.6MP primary camera with an f/1.9 aperture
  •  3,000mAh battery
  • IP58 dust-proof body of water repellent
  • fast-charge support.

It is not the first time when the image has been dripped demanding Nokia is coming in Android market, before this there were rumors of Nokia C1 is coming in both alternatives Android and Windows but so far the news is just a rumor.

So, for all those Nokia lovers who have been waiting for the corporation to publicize an Android-powered smartphone can now lastly get their hands on an Android device.

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