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near future, Google Duplex could slow the call center business

In near future, Google Duplex could slow the call center business

In near future, Google Duplex could slow the call center business. AI has revolutionized every industry and soon you may be talking to an AI on your phone without even knowing about it.

According to sources, it looks like Google is in talks with large companies (including a major insurance firm) and the tech giant is in initial stages of testing Google’s natural language voice assistant to replace call center workers.

Google’s natural language voice assistant would able to answer simple and repetitive customer calls via AI, however, if the conservation gets complex a human assistant would step in to continue with the call.

Right now, Google is n’t keenly testing the technology with call centers. Duplex is designed to work for very specific plans such as making reservations or booking for a salon or a restaurant etc.

Google’s spokesperson said,

“It’s important that we get the experience right and we’re taking a slow and measured approach as we incorporate learnings and feedback from our tests.”

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is the first AI phone-calling technology, introduced by the company in May at Google I/O 2018. When Google presented this technology at event, it was incredible and concerning as some thought it sounded just like human.

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It is an extension of Google Assistant with natural human-sounding language, in order to make or take actual businesses calls or even speak to a person, all while posing as a real person.

While taking into account background noise, static, and hold music, the API can differentiate between 2 to 4 speakers,  It also consists of irregular pauses, like  “Mm-hmm” and “Umm’s” that comes in normal human conversation.

Later on, Google declared that a call from Google Duplex would introduce as such before starting the conversation in order to avoid confusion.

Call Center Business

Not to know, this report comes during a time when cloud-based customer call-center industry is progressively more growing, with approximately worth of $6.8 billion last year and is predictable to be worth way more in the future.

Hence, if Google Duplex made its way and implemented correctly then it could possibly upset the call-center business and potentially put many call center operators out of their jobs as well.

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