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Kyiv Targeted in Russian Missile Strike Amid Ukraine Conflict

Ukraine’s air force reported intercepting 31 missiles launched by Russia at Kyiv overnight, marking the largest Russian attack in weeks. At least 17 people, including a child, were injured by falling debris, with four hospitalized. The assault follows Moscow’s vow for retaliation over recent Ukrainian strikes on its border regions.

The attack spurred Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky to renew calls for increased military aid from Western allies. The alarms sounded at 03:00 local time, warning of a ballistic missile threat, with explosions heard two hours later. Debris caused fires and damage in several districts of Kyiv.

According to Serhiy Popko, head of the city military administration, successful operations downed all enemy missiles over Kyiv and its vicinity. However, the target of Russia’s attack remains unclear.

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In one Kyiv district, Lukyanivka, the assault left a significant crater, shattered windows, and damaged buildings. Many sought refuge in basements and the metro for safety. Witnesses described scenes of destruction and loss, with one resident lamenting the world’s seeming indifference to Ukraine’s suffering.

Earlier in Kharkiv, five people died in a Russian attack, while in the Sumy region, intensified shelling forced over 150 people to flee. Zelensky reiterated pleas for more military aid, particularly air defense systems.

Meanwhile, Russia faced attacks on its border city of Belgorod, resulting in casualties and evacuations. President Vladimir Putin, freshly reelected, vowed to continue the conflict, promising retaliation for Ukrainian strikes on Russia.

In Brussels, EU leaders convened to discuss bolstering military and financial assistance for Ukraine, including the potential transfer of frozen Russian assets to Kyiv. European Council President Charles Michel emphasized the summit’s importance in accelerating aid efforts for Ukraine during this critical juncture.

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