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A Radical Pixel 3 Smartphone Is Confirmed By A Google Leak

A Radical Pixel 3 Smartphone Is Confirmed By A Google Leak

A Radical Pixel 3 Smartphone Is Confirmed By A Google Leak. Roland Quandt has recently revealed that Google is not working on two Pixel 3 smartphones instead It is working on three adding Radical Pixel 3 to class of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Quandt has also stated that Google’s third Pixel is likely to be a “mid-range” model that is really an affordable device.

Radical Pixel 3 is being said to be based on Qualcomm’s impressive new Snapdragon 710 chipset (promising performance close to 2017’s flagship Snapdragon 835) and hardware development of tye device is already underway.

Quandt is of believe that this third Pixel which is Radical one won’t launch alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in October. The phone may be launched later this year of perhaps the next year,  no exact words.

Given development “just started about a month ago”, and the leaker  expects it to be launched in the first half of 2019. Though Quandt has later clarified that this is only a hunch based on typical dev time frames.

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In case the giant has a clear strategy in place, it could theoretically arrive the current year. After all, the original Pixel got developed in little more than 6 months only.

Pixel 3 is a midrange phone that delivers clean, stock Android and instant updates at a bargain price tag to surely resurrect the role played by much-loved Nexus range very effectively. Pixel 3 would also give Google a weapon to counter the budget iPhone X to be launched by Apple in September.

Pixel 3 is expected to be a game changer for midrange smartphone photography. Google’s Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL deliver class-leading results but they do achieve it primarily through unique software, not by cutting-edge hardware. So we can assume that price will not be a barrier to a budget Pixel 3 embarrassing rival flagships.

Pixel 3 is no doubt an exciting budget phone while competing in the $1,000 range, the brilliance of a Pixel 2 XL or Pixel 3 XL can be lost as phones at that price are expected to be great. But the strength of the Pixel is software & image processing, which is less hardware dependent and have an ability to transform the midrange market.

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