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Major camera bump within the Galaxy S20?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is expected to be one of the devices that Samsung will launch, as part of its Galaxy S20 flagship series for this year – and it is indeed shaping up to be one the more popular devices within the series, and in general, as more and more rumors are now focusing a tad more on the phone in particular – as compared with the rest within the series. 

And now, tech YouTuber Jon Prosser and a redditor shared what seems to be an image of the upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra. The picture shows off what appears to be the back of the phone – with this having a massive camera jump and 100X Space Zoom branding integrated. Also, both the power and volume keys are found on the side of the device.

Focusing a bit more on the camera hump – there are visibly present three cameras, a flash as well as what appears to be a microphone hole in the black area of the camera housing. There can also bee seen a rectangular camera outside the black area – which is possibly the periscope camera.

Previously, leaks have gone on to indicate that this device will arrive with a 108MP primary camera, and will also allow users to indulge in 8K recording. There have also been suggestions that the device will feature with a massive 5000mAh battery.

Whichever way you look at it – the signs are clearly there : the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model will be the device that other manufacturers such as Apple and Huawei will be looking to match, because it looks special – with a flagship processor, flagship specs, a special camera setup and finally – a very good battery too.

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