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Assistant Director of Cyber Crime Cell Arrested for Bribery in Mobile Company Case

In a significant development, Salman Khan, an Assistant Director of the Cyber Crime Cell, along with his accomplices, has been apprehended on charges of accepting bribes from a Chinese manager of a prominent mobile company. The arrest was made by the Anti-Corruption Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Islamabad following a thorough investigation that substantiated their involvement in the illicit activities.

The Unveiling of the Scandal: The legal proceedings were initiated by the FIA after receiving a formal complaint from a Chinese national who fell victim to the deceitful tactics employed by Rizwan Tufail, posing as an FIA official, and extorting money from him. The Chinese national had opened a bank account in Lahore, which ultimately made him susceptible to the schemes devised by the fraudulent individuals.

Bribery Offer and Arrest: In a desperate attempt to impede the ongoing investigation and have the frozen bank account released, the accused parties approached the FIA and offered a substantial bribe of Rs. 50 million. Out of this amount, Rs. 5 million had already been collected. However, the agency remained resolute in upholding the law and swiftly took action against the wrongdoers. Consequently, Salman Khan, Rizwan Tufail, and Anwarul Haq were apprehended on charges of blackmail and accepting bribes.

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The Confession: During the course of the investigation, Rizwan Tufail made a startling revelation by admitting to accepting bribes from multiple complainants. This confession shed light on the extensive network of corruption and coercion that had been operating under the guise of official authority.

Implications and Consequences: The arrest of Salman Khan and his accomplices marks a significant step towards combating corruption within the Cyber Crime Cell and ensuring accountability for those entrusted with upholding the law. Such actions not only undermine public trust in law enforcement agencies but also hamper efforts to safeguard the interests of individuals and businesses alike.

Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures: This incident emphasizes the pressing need to reinforce anti-corruption measures and promote a culture of integrity within government institutions. The FIA, in collaboration with other relevant authorities, must continue to enhance their investigative techniques, establish robust internal checks and balances, and implement comprehensive training programs for their personnel. By doing so, they can effectively deter and dismantle networks involved in bribery and corruption.

Conclusion: The arrest of Salman Khan, an Assistant Director of the Cyber Crime Cell, along with his accomplices, serves as a wake-up call for the authorities to root out corruption and restore public confidence in law enforcement agencies. It also highlights the importance of vigilance and the relentless pursuit of justice. Through a coordinated effort, Pakistan can establish a stronger foundation for a fair and transparent society, where the rule of law prevails and the rights of individuals are safeguarded.

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  • Anamika , June 12, 2023 @ 3:58 am

    A big slap on kashmala tariq, his staff and some officials, because in a high profile woman harrassment case, salman and his team found guilty after an inquiry in which salman and his team willingly not only ignored the facts, they also harrassed that victim woman, with their malpractice did her character assisination , just provide relief to accused, and when she approched FOSPAH for justice, but unfortuantly with the help of kashmala tariq ‘s “approched decision’, salman and his team successed to reinstate their jobs and in result he repeated his malpractice

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