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TeleCON is a prestigious assembly of the; industry specialists, regulators, technologists, speakers, visionaries, experts, academia, emerging media and investors

10th TeleCON 2017: Global IT & Telecom giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan

The Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecommunications – Honorable Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan inaugurated the 10th Pakistan Telecommunication and ICT Conference (TeleCON 2017) as the Chief Guest. This annual forum was held by SHAMROCK Conferences International at the Ramada Hotel in Islamabad, with the theme: “Pakistan in the wake of Revolutionary Technologies and Solutions”. The Keynote address was delivered by the Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) – Syed Ismail Shah.

Addressing the large number of enthusiastic delegates at the forum, the Minister of IT and Telecom stated that: “It is delightful to see that global Telecom & IT giants are undertaking major ventures in Pakistan, while our country’s start-up enterprises are winning great accolades at global technology forums, with the support of incubators and incentives from the government”.

Minister IT&Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rehman speaking to the 10th Telecon 2017 audience.

She further stated that: “The Next-generation 3G and 4G telecom technologies are already empowering all consumer segments and industries, as we benefit from revolutionary concepts like; ‘Mobile” commerce, E-Governance, Smart-Cities, Mobile-banking, Cloud-Computing, ‘Smart’ Healthcare & Education and much more. The government is now seeking the earliest possible deployment of 5G technology in Pakistan. With the successful orchestration of this 10th annual TeleCON Forum, SHAMROCK has made great contributions to the advancement of this important industry in Pakistan.”

Mrs. Anusha Rehman Minister of IT&Telecom Mr. Ismail Shah Chairman PTA, Mr. Daniel Ritzs CEO PTCL, Mr. Adnan Shahid COO PTCL, Mr. Mazhar Hussain Shah CHRO PTCL, siting during the Telecon 2017

Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman of PTA said: “A social and industrial revolution has taken place in our country with the deployment of fascinating new technologies. It is now the primary responsibility of the regulators and experts of telecom and IT industries, to focus on the future, enabling swift and secure consumption of massive volumes of data, whereby we can greatly enhance national productivity to accelerate progress and economic prosperity”.

Mr. Maham Dard Director Corporate Communications Zong speaking to Telecon audience.
Mr. Salman Mazhar Head of Marketing WATEEN Telecom speaking to audience of Telecon 2017

Other distinguished Chairpersons and speakers included; The Chief Executive Officer of PTCL – Daniel Ritz, CEO of ICT R&D Fund – Mr. Yusuf Hussain, the CEO of IBM Cloud – Nadeem A. Malik, the CEO of Bluetech Consulting – Kashif Jadoon, Mr. Pervez Iftikhar, Ex-CEO USF, the Head of Conferences at SHAMROCK – Mr. Usman Janjua and others. These learned speakers discussed critical topics like; Expansion of outreach, Fibre-Optics, rural-area connectivity, broadband, wireless access, connectivity, and Cyber-security.

An insightful panel discussion on ‘Revolutionary Technologies’ included experts like: the Chief Commercial Officer of PTCL – Adnan Shahid, the CEO of COMSATS – Jamshed Masood and Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Ufone. Numerous other experts professionals and stakeholders attended this forum, sponsored by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd. (PTCL) and Wateen Telecom while being supported by PTA, relevant ministries and the leading enterprises of this robust industry.

Mr . Nadeem A. Malik Country Manager IBM Cloud Pakistan talking to the Minister of IT & Telecom Mrs. Anusha Rehman during the #Telecon2017  

TeleCON is a prestigious assembly of the; industry specialists, regulators, technologists, speakers, visionaries, experts, academia, emerging media and investors from national and global enterprises and institutions. The key topics of discussion included: challenges & opportunities, fresh ideas for enhancing Foreign-Direct Investments, regulations to control cyber crime, Data Security & safer exchange of information.

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