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Fusion proclaims that recently the cops got in touch with Michigan State University

professor Anil Jain who newly rehabilitated the fingerprints of a dead man by the help of a 3D

printer, so that they could decipher his phone for some investigative clues in it.

Jain claimed that the dead person was a sitting target of a murder case, rather not of an attacker.

Law administration officials had his fingerprints on record as he was captured in the preceding


However the phone of the sitting target has not been unlocked yet! But Jain has already

succeeded in coping all the ten digits and has made their replicas onboard but he is still rowing

his boat to achieve the plastic fingerprints covered with metallic particles, which if once made,

then they can easily be read by the scanner!

In case if Jain succeed in unlocking the phone , and if this method works then once again the

security would be endangered even for the so called highly secure fingerprint passcodes!

In October 2014, a Virginia court ruled that suspects can be asked to unlock their phones using

their fingerprints. On the other side if we see we conclude that PINS are more secure passcodes

for all our digital devices

This case can also set up an antecedent for the law administration officials that achieving the

way to people personal phones is no easier!

To extent the study to the question that what to use: either the PIN CODES or the

FINGERPRINT CODES, in either case our privacy seems to be more unsecured because at one

side where the science has created these 3d gadgets on the other side it has also created the solution

for every query!

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