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A new 360 degree cameras to shoot videos


The art of filming gets a new innovation! A new 360 degree cameras to shoot videos of many kinds, all at one and the same time. The old methods are over now people,

managing 3 or 4 cameras to film different movie and then merging them together, such

a difficult n time consuming method isn’t it? Well now no more editing and merging,

now we got a new camera that can shoot 360 degree at one time only!

As for the camera, it’s comprises of 16 lenses with harmonized resolution , shooting 4K

at 30 frames per second along with the live shooting or 60 frames per second when

recording to the onboard 512GB capacity. It also supports connectivity port of Ethernet,

Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI and SDI output.

Some companies dealing with the live streaming act are working on the specialized

content of VR content, comprising of Next VR. While looking on the other side the cost

of the spectrum is estimated to be nearly about $499

Pre-orders for the Live Planet camera will initiate at the cost of about $4,995 Expected

release is the fourth quarter of 2016. ■

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