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CEO HAIER MOBILE Mr.Zeeshan Qureshi gets awarded “EXCELLENCE”

CEO HAIER MOBILE Mr.Zeeshan Qureshi gets awarded “EXCELLENCE”

CEO HAIER MOBILE Mr.Zeeshan Qureshi gets awarded for “EXCELLENCE” at MARCON’16

(MARCON) is a high profile event and has been the top congregation of marketing professionals in Karachi. It has been established as a prestigious brand which attracts not only the top marketing professionals and business leaders as speakers but also attracts sponsorship from the top national and multinational corporate players in Pakistan. The event was recently held at Marroitt, Karachi on the 26th of April 2016.

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It’s a great honor for Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi to receive the “MAP AWARD” at MARCON’16 along with Mohammad Ali Tabba, and Hussain Dawood.  Mr.Qureshi who has over one and the half decade of experience in sales, marketing, and management in telecommunication and electronics sectors. His time spent at brands such as Samsung and QMobile is a testimony of his business brilliance. He is the ace behind the roaring success of Haier Mobile. With the competence of handling vital business decision making and expanding brands reach and product range simultaneously. His adamant quest for quality and direction drove tactical forecasting is what sets Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi in a league of excellence in the handset industry today.

Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi is humbled upon receiving this award from the Marketing Association of Pakistan which is a leading body representing around 2000 marketing practitioners and professionals in the country. Sultana Siddiqui was the recipient of this award last year.

Previously, this award was presented at the annual dinner of Marketing Association of Pakistan. The main objectives of MARCON are to keep the marketing professionals abreast of the developments in the field of marketing in terms of new marketing techniques and tools. It provides them with a unique opportunity to listen to renowned Pakistanis as well as international marketing practitioners and to interact with them and learn from their experience.

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