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Cyber Security in Pakistan gets boost with launch of PakCert

Cyber Security in Pakistan gets boost with launch of PakCert

Cyber Security in Pakistan gets boost with launch of PakCert

PakCert, an acronym for the Pakistan Computer Emergency Response Team, has been launched in Karachi to provide cyber security solutions to public, private and government organizations. PakCert intends to restart a national CERT program initiative.


A project of Advanced Mission Sciences & Technologies (AMSAT), a division of Arpatech Pvt. Ltd., one of Pakistan’s premier technology companies, PakCert is an early warning, detection, and remediation service against cyber threats.


The service is designed to help businesses and organizations assess their cyber security protocols, deliver timely news, alerts, and updates about the latest security threats, and provide security services to ensure event-based protection, remediate breaches and data loss through Cyber SWAT Teams, while delivering strong forensic capabilities post a cyber event. The service will be provided to both private and government sector entities through a membership and commercial engagement program.


PakCert leverages the expertise of cyber and data security experts and industry veterans to provide standard and customized solutions. Managing network security and providing actionable intelligence against hidden threats to create preventive measures falls within the ambit of PakCert, along with organizing interventions, including workshops, seminars, etc., to educate cyber security professionals and the general public about the latest threats and developments that exist in the cyber security world.


“Cyber Security is a growing challenge in both the private and government sectors. Our goal is to help nurture and develop a culture, process, and eco-system that enables our members to enhance their cyber security capabilities while working in a collaborative fashion with law enforcement entities.

“We also intend to work closely with government sector entities to train them to develop and enhance their capabilities in protecting critical national cyber infrastructure from attacks,” Vice President AMSAT (PakCert) Lt. Col. (R) Muhammad Amjad said in an issued statement.

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