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How to Fix: “Could Not Start Messenger” Android Bug

As we know like any other operating systems, Android is one of the operating systems disposed to bugs and errors. Fortunately, we are capable to arrange a fix for the same in no time or the even software updates assist us with the resolution. In certain circumstances, bugs prone to occur a bit longer than usual.

The Bug:

In this situation, we have the Messenger App that gets crashed when tried to launch from the recent apps tab, definitely certifying the app is open already. What happens is when you launch the app from the recent apps tab, it shows “Could Not Start Messenger” and to use it you must restart the app. The problem has been submitted on Google Messenger and Facebook Messenger App on many devices since 2014, though there is no solution for it. Even though both the apps being totally different the problem does seem to occur in both of them.

The Fix:

At this situation the workaround for this is that you whenever you have your Facebook Messenger or Google Messenger app open don’t leave it open by pressing the back button and then relaunching it via the recent apps tab, otherwise use the home button to get back to your home screen or to leave the app open. When you are using the home button for quitting the app open or going to your home screen the problem has not popped up, it all works good when using the home button.

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