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Gree launches smart new Gree Viola Inverter AC with 60 percent

Gree launches smart new Gree Viola Inverter AC with 60 percent

Gree launches smart new Gree Viola Inverter AC with 60 percent less power consumption

Gree – Most popular and leading brand of air-conditioners in Pakistan, has introduced high energy-efficient smart-inverter Airconditioning technology that saves 60 percent of the energy, compared with the regular ACs It promises an Energy Efficiency Ratio of 4.0 (E.E.R). Gree products are distributed in Pakistan by DWP Group. Gree has recently announced the availability of its new ‘Viola’ smart-Inverter AC across Pakistan.

Gree Viola Inverter AC has both options of cooling and heating. It is a European Compliant AC available in 1 Ton (12000 BTUs), 1.5 Ton (18000 BTUs) & 2 ton (24000 BTUs) capacities, using the latest, very powerful G10 inverter.

The new AC is eco-friendly and generates cooling and heating swiftly due to its bigger Outdoor condenser. It comes with fireproof electric box and has ceiling cooling and floor heating system along with several new features.

Other features of the Gree Viola AC include;  Elegant White Glossy finish, Ultra-low frequency torque control, High-Speed DSP Chip, Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R410A, Power Factor Correction Technology, Ultra Low Noise Control, Computer Simulation Control, Auto Voltage Adaptation (150-260 V), Ultra High Frequency Control, Dual Installation (Both sides option), Auto Restart, Low Voltage Startup – 150V, Self-Diagnosis, SMPS, High Temperature Resistance PCB, Turbo Cooling, 4-Way Air Outlet, 3 Sleep Curves and a Double Layer Condenser.

Gree has been consistently innovating new technologies to create the best-suited products, in accordance with the experts’ insights and the changing needs of the consumers. Due to the hot weather conditions, rising costs and unstable supply of electricity in Pakistan, Gree has created the most reliable air conditioners, to ensure the best performance in the country’s environment and climate.

There is a rapidly increasing trend in Pakistan market, as the consumers are now opting for air conditioners based on inverter technology, which greatly reduces electricity consumption and the overall cost of air conditioning.

Recently, a research study in Pakistan revealed that; although there are various brands of inverter ACs available at varying prices, it is evident that the lower-priced air conditioner brands do not provide the high level of performance and reliability promised by Gree. So, in the long-run Gree Inverter AC proves to be the most economical product, due to consistent performance and low-maintenance costs.

Every buyer of a Gree AC gets a ‘free-of-cost’ connecting wire that joins the indoor and outdoor units. The state-of-the-art remote control of Gree ACs has a backlight display and advanced features to make it more user-friendly. Gree AC’s are more attractive, with sophisticated designs and a wider array of colors, to blend with any decorative theme in your rooms.

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