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GrocerApp launches convenient online shopping & home-delivery services in Lahore

A truly unique enterprise – ‘GrocerApp’ has recently begun its operations in Lahore, to offer more than 10,000 different products (SKUs) across categories like; Staples, fresh food stuff, dairy items, household consumables, baby items, toiletries and much more. It is Pakistan`s only on-line grocery store, based on dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iPhone Operating Systems. It promises many innovative shopping experiences, as the customers are completely relieved of the stresses of grocery shopping on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The goods are promptly delivered at your doorstep, and GrocerApp ensures the most competitive pricing of every product it sells.

In the first phase of its launch, GrocerApp has already established its network in Lahore. Within the next six months, it will begin operations across the 5 biggest cities of Pakistan, followed by expansions into many other major cities and towns of the country. It has been founded by a team of experts & professionals, led by a pioneering technology entrepreneur of Pakistan – Ahmed Saeed, who also has the experience of leading ‘’ – one of the most successful technology ventures in the country.

In today fast-paced world Grocery shopping is still a hassle that demands a lot of time and energy, to visit various outlets, find the right products, bargain the right prices, etc. So GrocerApp has been orchestrated as a powerful solution, delivering reliable products at the click of a button. With all that convenience and peace of mind, it promises to be the ‘next big thing’ in Pakistan’s retail industry.

The response and feedback from the customers has been overwhelming, as the housewives and family-men are expressing their excitement and appreciate the performance of the GrocerApp team. With rapid advancement in technologies, many fascinating services snd effective business models are being enabled, to make life easier and create greater value-propositions for the consumers on a global scale.

The Co-Founder of GrocerApp – Mr. Ahmad Saeed stated that; In my last job, with a super hectic schedule, I hardly had time for grocery shopping. So my weekends were often spent in various markets, haggling on grocery prices and buying the household utilities. That inspired me to create a convenient online service, where a customer can simply order-in all the groceries and day to day necessities, with just a few clicks on his Smartphone, while he enjoys quality time with the family & friends. As we establish GrocerApp all over Pakistan, the sole focus of our team, is to build the best online grocery mart to reliably deliver fresh products at the right prices, while providing unmatched shopping experiences to our customers.


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