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Huawei Experience Zone At BNU Bestival Enhanced The Fun

Huawei Experience Zone At BNU Bestival Enhanced The Fun

Last night an exciting occasion was witnessed at the BNU, Tarogil Campus, Lahore. The event was included a thrilling concert by Noori, Fashion Walk, Games, and competitions. But among these activities, Huawei Experience Zone shines as well, where students and participants rushed to lay their hands on Huawei’s flagship smart phone, Huawei Mate 8 and all new, full metal body Honor 5X. Huawei has always been a keen opportunist with respect to providing the loyal customers and brand followers exciting surprises. And the role of Huawei in the BNU Bestival is a sheer exposure of this.

The experience Zone was visited by a large number of participants of the event and they enjoyed the first-hand experience of Huawei Mate 8. Although the remarkable sales of Huawei Mate 8 since its launch depict that the smart phone is highly endorsed and most popular handset in the market. In fact, a large number of customers purchased the Mate 8 and market is already well aware of the supremely elegant and exquisite design, mammoth large battery capacity, smartest camera and much more. Yet, it has been Huawei’s policy to provide its customer vital importance and allow them to experience the best of Huawei products among the delightful events.

The Huawei Honor 5X has also attracted the participants of the event. Honor 5X is a real beauty in its stylish design and cool features. The participants took pictures and amazed with the camera quality of Huawei devices. It is certain that Huawei is a real champ in the customer market with respect to high-quality products and customer satisfaction approach. And above all, Huawei’s participation in the entertainment for its customers is irresistibly awesome. Customers here in Pakistan are truly and overwhelmingly in love with the best global technology brand, Huawei.

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