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Huawei Shot X- A consortium of advanced technologies packed

Huawei Shot X- A consortium of advanced technologies packed

Huawei Shot X- A consortium of advanced technologies packed in luminous elegant body

Huawei’s latest flip camera smart phone, SHOT X, has solved the nagging problem faced by Selfie lovers. No matter, how great a smart phone is the rear camera is always a lot better than the front one. With high pixels and amazing additional photo features, pictures captured through the rear camera are always of high quality, vivid and bright than the front cam shots. Now, this problem has been resolved by Huawei, with the rotating 13MP camera in SHOT X, the Selfies would be better than ever.01

The rotating cam is not all that Shot X brings to the table. This 4G LTE supporting smart phone has full high definition 5.2 large screen with 1920X1280 screen resolutions with 423ppi, which is capable of delivering utterly vibrant and brightly colored display. The processor of Shot X is also commendable, Qualcomm Snapdragon 616, MSM 8939, Octa-core 1.5 GHz with the spacious memory of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which can be extended to 128GB, with MicroSD card. This Smartphone has been equipped with a powerful battery as well; with 3100 mAh power Shot, X would allow its users to have non-stop fun experience on the go.

Let’s dig deep into the features, Huawei Shot X has to offer:

Key Specifications:

The key specifications of Shot X are as follows:

·RESOLUTION 1920X1280 PIXElS, 423 ppi
·PROCESSOR Qualcomm snapdragon 616, msm 8939, 1.5 GHZ octa-CORE
·Rotatable CAMERA 13 MP
·BATTERY 3100 mah

Physical Build & Design:

Shot X has an exquisite, full metal body with starry textured six layered back cover. The device’s design is absolutely streamlined and smooth. The sleek design offers the firm grip and flawless single handed usage. Shot X’s symmetric body has full touch front screen. The power and volume keys are on the right side and the advanced finger print scanner is on the left side of the device. The rotatable camera with dual tone flashlight is fitted in a depression at the back, top right corner of the smart phone and it can be rotated at a 190-degree angle, allowing the users to capture pictures from amazingly different angles and views. The overall appearance of Shot X is impeccably attractive; it captures the gaze and compels the users to keep hold of it for hours.04

Display & Performance:

The bright and crisp, Full HD screen of Shot X is 5.2 inches large with the high screen to body ratio. With this mega expanded screen with 1920X1280 resolution and 423 pixels per inch, the video watching experience on Shot X’s wide display is truly out of the world. Huawei Shot X has been equipped with the super efficient processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 616, MSM 8939, 1.5 GHz Octa-Core which is backed by adequate storage capacity to give a seamless performance without any lag or hindrance.The RAM of Shot X is 2GB and ROM is 16GB which can be extended to 128 GB with MicroSD card. The smart phone’s user experience with the mentioned up to date processor and apt storage capacity is absolutely worthwhile.

Features & apps:

Huawei Shot X runs on Android’s ultra efficient 5.1 Lollipop OS which along with Huawei’s very own Emotion 3.1 user interface, gives a wide range of themes and layouts to select from. The smart phone’s layout can be customized as per desire and the EMUI of Huawei provides easy to access and convenient layout. Apps are displayed in direct and instant reach and the users won’t have to dig in deep to find the desired apps. Although many of the useful apps are pre loaded on the smart phone the users, as per need, can download more from the abundant variety of apps available in Google play store.

The fast processor, spacious storage and ultra efficient OS of Shot X will enable the users to have an extraordinary smart phone usage experience. The users would be able to watch movies, stream music, play games and browse the internet with utter convenience and ease. The speakers in Shot X are placed by the manufacturers at the base of the smart phone, making the audio produced through Shot X loud, clear and amazing. Irrespective of the placement of the phone, users would never miss any call, with the loud and clear audio quality of Shot X.

Another striking feature of Shot X is the advanced fingerprint scanner placed on the left panel of the smart phone. This scanner serves an efficient security purpose, the locking, and unlocking of the smart phone, being 0.6 s fast. It recognizes the finger print instantly and remembers the fingerprint. It detects the print irrespective of the angle at which the finger is placed. The users can customize the scanner to perform other functions as well, for example with the single swipe of finger it captures a picture, it can be long pressed to set off the alarm or answer a call etc.


Now let’s talk about the awesome camera of Shot X. The revolutionary camera of this smart phone is absolutely stunning. This camera is of 13MP with the dual-tone flashlight and the features accompanying this camera, deliver brilliantly bright and clear pictures and videos. The 13 MP Sony BSI camera has Sapphire lens in it with F 2.0 large aperture and 28mm wide angle. The features available with the camera in Shot X are Automatic face recognition, Auto focus, Smile recognition, auto white balance. The rear camera, being rotatable would also serve as the front camera, so the features like Perfect Selfie, Beautification Feature, and Vogue Make up etc are also pre loaded in the Huawei Shot X. The rotation of this camera is so magical that it can be rotated to capture an object from the variety of different angles and every time the picture captured, would be exquisitely great.


The powerhouse of Shot X has also been sufficiently loaded by Huawei. Shot X has the battery power of 3100 mAh with the power saving technology. This battery gives long hours of unbeatable performance without causing repeated charging of the phone. This battery is capable of keeping the smart phone running for 4 hours with constant photography using the flash light. While internet surfing and watching video watching, the battery runs as long as 8 hours. If a user has medium use of smart phone than his Shot X will stay functional with him, all day long.


As the final verdict, Huawei’s magical Shot X is highly recommended for the young generation, which is all crazy about capturing Selfies, everywhere they go. With the super efficient processor, up to date OS, apt storage capacity and loaded battery, Shot X would undoubtedly make its users hooked to it for long hours.

This smart phone has been launched in Pakistan recently and it is priced at Rs. 35,999/- with exciting Mobilink offer of 6GB free data for 6 months.

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