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Huawei’s investment in the future with Research and Innovation

Huawei’s investment in the future with Research and Innovation

Judging from the sales and customer’s reactions Huawei received this year, it can be rightly stated that its research and development strategy is based on two vital features; which essentially constitute of generating ideas/strategies to comply with the needs of its consumers and teaming up proficiently with partners and authorities, to develop such devices which become the apple of the eye, immediately after their launch.

About 45% of Huawei’s global workforce is working tirelessly in the research and innovation domain, and this certifies Huawei’s absolute capability of making supreme innovative products. Huawei  manages an outstanding number of 17 R&D sites and 19 joint innovation centers working in association with telecom and ICT partners. With 18 new applications on an average per day, the extensive R&D department of Huawei makes it a world-leader in issuing patents.

Huawei Pakistan’s CEO, Mr. Aragon Meng has stated that “Huawei strongly believes that in order to capture the heart and trust of our customers we must deliver to them such products which possess revolutionary features and technology.” He also said that “ The smart phones launched by Huawei in 2015 have been developed by utilizing numerous pioneering technologies and this shows the utter significance of the R&D department in Huawei’s success.”

Each year, Huawei contributes majorly in the research and development department from its revenues.The prolific R&D department also helps in creating international standards which are crucial for the development of innovative products. In these R&D centers, the staff members are motivated for making technological innovations, influencing talent and employing their global resources so that every product they deliver is exceptional.

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