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Intel Security Innovation Alliance Continues to Expand Partner Ecosystem


  • Intel Security expands open architecture platform by adding 24 partners to the Intel Security Innovation Alliance.
  • Intel Security Innovation Alliance sees rapid growth with 20 percent membership increase year-over-year.
  • McAfee Data Exchange Layer integration empowers partners and customers to access one-of-a-kind solutions custom-built for unique needs.

Islamabad, Pakistan, July 14, 2016 – Intel Security today announced the expansion of its extensive partner ecosystem through the Intel Security Innovation Alliance, welcoming 24 new partners and broadening its portfolio of tightly integrated security solutions. The Intel Security Innovation Alliance leads the way with its innovative open architecture, and more than 150 partners around the world, across 12 global markets.

McAfee Data Exchange Layer, a key technology powering the Intel Security platform, creates an underlying communication fabric connecting multivendor security products. The open, yet secure, framework empowers customer security tools to work more efficiently and effectively to simplify the Threat Defense Lifecycle. More than 20 of the Intel Security Innovation Alliance partners have completed or are currently in the process of integrating their products into McAfee Data Exchange Layer. Integration with McAfee Data Exchange Layer provides a unique opportunity for customers and partners to build custom and unique designs, developing innovative solutions.

Solutions integrated with the Intel Security Innovation Alliance are likely to analyze data more efficiently, yielding more available and actionable intelligence that an organization needs to respond to threats quickly and accurately. As a result, information security resources can focus more rapidly on high-priority issues and free capacity from reactive, tactical responses to a more strategic, proactive approach.

New partners that have joined the Intel Security Innovation Alliance in 2016 include:


For more information, visit the Intel Security Innovation Alliance website.

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