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Karachi: People are happy and sad for the moonsoon season

On 29th of June, 2016 when the moonsoon clouds passed over karachi and showered Almighty’s blessing, people faced connectivity issues with PTCL. Its not just about the broadband system that was disturbed but also the Wingle Evo devices were unable to mingle with the main server. When people inquired about the consistent connectivity issues from the customer care help line, all the answer were similar to the excuse of rain.


People showed their aggression with the tweets and facebook posts such as “as slow as ptcl” or “PTCL the most manhoos broadband ever”.

Its not about how aggressive our generation is or how much we are dependent on Wi-FI, its about the stubbornness of our typical PTCL offices who are failed to give any output in terms of customer care, troubleshooting and yes the broadband speed.

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