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Pakistan’s 1st lockscreen app is on a roll 2016 roadmap

Pakistan’s 1st lockscreen app is on a roll 2016 roadmap

Pakistan’s 1st lockscreen app is on a roll 2016 roadmap

This morning, Slide announced a small achievement from its 2016 roadmap. With just under 6 months of Slide’s launch, the startup app has gained more than 500k users.

SLIDE is Pakistan’s 1st lockscreen app which has the first of its kind loyalty program in Pakistan. Slide users get to choose the sort of content they’d like to see on their Android lockscreen and simply by consuming content, users are able to earn Real Money. They say it’s pretty simple, “YOU SLIDE, WE REWARD”

Junaid Malik CEO of the startup said that he’s not surprised with Half-a-million Mark but this definitely confirms that our strategy and efforts are headed in the right direction. We are looking to be in every Android phone in the country and are focused to have more integrations done with the platform so our users can redeem the money earned on E-commerce sites or even Cashout instead of just having to top-up their mobile balance which by the way, is weeks away.

Junaid added:

The numbers that will surprise the industry would be the total number of impressions being consumed each month. Just Last Month, Total impressions consumed were over 70 Million. A big Number, yes we know compared to the small number of users we currently have, the simple reason behind this is relevant content shown to the users and spicing it up with Rewards.  Why this platform keeps us excited is not only the impressions but the sort of CTR we’re getting. Currently, on regular content, CTR is falling anywhere between 5%-9% and on Ads, we’re seeing a CTR of above 12%. Now I’m sure the guru’s of digital advertising can spare a few seconds to digest this. Yes with the conventional Fb/Google ads, we all know how much CTR our campaigns really get.

Seeing such results, we’re confident that the advertisers in Pakistan can Gain a lot out of SLIDE. It’s the only App that gives you ample space to convey Brand’s message to its consumer as currently on Mobile you only see ads while playing a game or a small banner in-app or while searching online.

My Goal is to make SLIDE the Number One app in Pakistan. Till then it’s more sleepless nights, a lot of data mining, revising strategies, meeting Industry experts to make this a Success story for Pakistan.

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