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Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector Is Perfect for Flipping Properties

Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector Is Perfect for Flipping Properties

Buy low, sell high. That is the basic principle behind flipping properties. In other words, flipping is when investors buy inexpensive properties and sell them at a profit after their value increases.

But how do you ensure that a given property’s value will increase? Lamudi Pakistan has the answers, according to the Lamudi guide to flipping recently published on

Pakistan’s Up-and-Coming Areas Are the Key to Success

According to the Lamudi guide to flipping, the ability to identify up-and-coming areas is extremely important. This ability is required to find the perfect location and property to invest in for short term gains.

In Pakistan, it is relatively easy to find up-and-coming areas, even in famous and high-demand developments. For example, a 125-square-yard residential plot in Bahria Town Karachi’s Ali Block that cost between Rs. 1,700,00 and Rs. 4,000,000 in 2014 can cost between R.s 4,000,000 and Rs. 7,000,000 today.

That’s a potential profit of more than 300 percent.

Based on this, anyone can see that flipping is a possible source of immense wealth, especially for investors who are able to flip multiple properties. Pakistan’s real estate market is full of potential for flipping because of its many areas with affordable prices and rapidly increasing property values.

Other locations where property values are expected to continue their exponential rise are DHA City Karachi and Islamabad’s Sector F7.

The Lamudi guide to flipping demonstrates how to identify up-and-coming areas. It also shows how to find the right property, the right purchase price, the right budget and finally, the right sale price.

Not all properties can be flipped immediately. Many require maintenance, renovation or construction to increase in value.


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