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Well till yesterday only iOS users could use prisma to make their pictures look artistic
and fun,but now android users can start getting creative with their pictures as well.This
app may sound like one of those basic apps with filters to enhance your photos! But
Prisma is way more than that,it is a tool that helps you create your most simple to most
bold pictures into a piece of art! a photo app from Russia that uses artificial intelligence
to turn images into impressionist paintings within seconds.The editing app has 33
different filters inspired by famous art styles like Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Munch,
Levitan and Kandinsky, as well as popular patterns and ornaments like DC comic book
It’s been only a month since this new app has taken over the social media by a
storm,from instagram to twitter to facebook…pictures edited by prisma are everywhere
to be seen.About one million users use this app Daily.Talk about popularity!
Android users there is some downside to this tho.Prisma has been released but the
app is only available as beta version.If you want to get the beta version,you can
download it for free.

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