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Rabya Kulsoom Gawah Rehna

Rabya Kulsoom All Set to Make Her Big Screen Debut with “Gawah Rehna”

The talented young actress Rabya Kulsoom after proving her mettle on the small screen is all set to take over the big screens with her debut movie ‘Gawah Rehna.’

Gawah Rehna is set in the 1920s, against the backdrop of Khilafat Movement, which was led by the Muslims of South Asia, before Pakistan came into being. Starring alongside an ensemble cast, including the legendary actor Qavi Khan, Rabya Kulsoom will be seen in a totally new look playing a Hindu character who is the love interestfor the leading man in the film.

Talking about her big-screen debut, the actress said, “I couldn’t have thought of a more challenging role to begin my foray on the big screen. Portraying a Hindu was also a career first me me and I am really looking forward to everyone seeing this intense story when it releases !”

The film, written & directed by Tahir Mehmoud, has been shot in Gujranwala and is all set to release in both Pakistan and Turkey in 2020.

About Rabya Kulsoom: 

Rabya Kulsoom: This emerging young talent started in the industry in 2018 with a promising role in “Hara Dil.” With her acting skills and effortless ability, she managed to make her place on the screen in a small period. Though she has only just begun her acting career, she has already starred in various projects alongside veteran actors, including Dil Aara, Shehr e Malal, Meer Abru, and more.

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