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Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 – A unique smart-watch experience

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 – A unique smart-watch experience

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 – A unique smart-watch experience

In pursuit of creating newer, more powerful technologies and fascinating products that enhance the productivity and lifestyle of its consumers, Samsung Electronics has recently launched the Galaxy Gear S2 – an innovative wearable smart-watch that provides truly unique experiences and a world of attractive features for the consumers who love connectivity, enjoy music on-the-go and wish to maintain their physical fitness.

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With the stylish ‘Gear S2’, the global technology leader and award-winning innovator – Samsung has given a new spin to the smart-watch experience. It allows you to monitor your messages and notifications with just one glance at your wrist. The slim and sleek watch promotes a healthier lifestyle by automatically monitoring your heart-rate, level of physical activity and other fitness data, round-the-clock. It is further enriched with valuable features like; hands-free (NFC) payment system (Samsung Pay), a vast memory, customizable watch-faces, long battery life, wireless charging and many more amazing features.

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A gentle turn of the Bezel will allow you to; scroll through long emails, zoom into a map, play the next song, or access things that you need most from your smartphone, on-the-go. All this becomes as simple as checking the time on your watch. While checking your messages and mails, you can also choose from multiple communication methods to reply, without the need to take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag. The portfolio of amazing apps on the Gear S2 is growing rapidly, making everything possible; from going the distance to keeping your home secure.

The symbolism of a circular design gives an impression of Completeness and Geometric perfection, created in high-quality authentic materials; stainless steel, leather and high-strength Gorilla glass, to embody modern aesthetics and sophistication, while preventing everyday damage and scratches. The watch has also received the IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

What makes the Gear S2 stand out is its intuitive user interface, offering unmatched convenience, with Touch-screen technology. To maintain full functionality and user interaction on such a small screen, the Gear S2 features a rotating bezel, so you can access and navigate through all functions without touching or obstructing the screen with your fingers.

The Gear S2 promises a Healthier lifestyle, as the Health-Clock options help you to track your physical activity, by automatically recording your fitness-data in the activity log 24/7, and reminding you to exercise regularly. The device will detect and record, each time you exercise for more than 10 minutes. It keeps measuring your heart-rate, every 10 minutes to provide a chart displaying the results. One glance at your watch will tell you; if you are getting enough exercise and how much time of your day was active or inactive.

The Gear S2 is also enriched with a Hands-free payment system – ‘Samsung pay’. So now, you don’t need to carry a heavy wallet, full of cash and credit cards anymore. This way, you don’t need to worry about losing your wallet or forgetting it at home. Making a payment has never been easier. You can simply select a card on your smartwatch and present at an NFC reader, to make payments.

One unique feature of the Galaxy Gear S2 is its compatibility with Android Smartphones of brands other than Samsung. It will work with any Android smartphone that has an ‘Operating System 4.4’ with a RAM of more than 1.5 GB. However, some of the features like; Samsung pay, etc. will only be available on Samsung smartphones. Other important features and functions of the Gear S2 include; a Long battery life, easier wireless charging and a wide selection of customizable watch faces which you can design yourself.

Samsung has already started the pre-booking drive for Gear S2 in Pakistan. The promotion will continue for 3 weeks, whereby the customers can pre-book the Gear S2, by simply paying an amount of 5000 Rupees at selected outlets in all major cities of Pakistan. The innovative smart-watch models have been attractively priced in Pakistan; at Rs. 35,000 for the Gear S2 Sports RRP (available in Dark Gray and Silver colors), while the Gear S2 Classic RRP is priced at Rs. 39,999 (available in Blue Black color).

For pre-booking of the device, the consumers can now visit selected Samsung outlets in; Lahore (Hafeez Centre, Hall road, Cantt, Defence & Moon Market), Karachi (Saddar, Clifton, Bahadurabad, Orangi & Metroville), Islamabad (Jinnah Super, Blue Area, F6, F8 & F10 Markaz), Rawalpindi (Cantt, Saddar & Murree Rd), Multan (Cantt & Mall plaza), Faisalabad (Katchery Bazar & D Ground),  Hyderabad Cantt, Peshawar Cantt, Quetta (Liaquat Bazar & Abdul Sattar Rd), Gujranwala (Sialkot Adda), Bahawalpur (Trade Centre), Sargodha (Fatima Jinnah Rd), Okara (Benazir Rd), Sialkot (Railway Road) and other important markets.

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