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Celebrating Crossroads of Technology in Pakistan at Techmanity Crossfluence 2016

The crossfluence of the netizen with the citizen has created a number of several new questions as we elevate society into social, and the neighborhood into Internet hood. So rather than splinternet or divided net, we need a united one techmanity.

Taking all this forward with a bit more zest for all that is Technorati around us, IDG hosted some Humans of Technology with Broadband Techmanity Crossfluence. Why? Well mostly to celebrate the World Telecom Day 2016 & Social Media Day, based on the theme “ICT Entrepreneurship for Social Impact”.

With a smattering of startups, some bandwidth and cellco providers, a bit of public sector and education, laced with some people from enterprise, baked out with a few tech advocates and evangelists and oh of course those digital media and e-payments types, the event delivered a fun filled, quick paced few hours with fellow technologists.

ITU, this May, celebrated humanity, technology and entrepreneurship and IDG took it upon themselves to bring all of this together at the Broadband Techmanity Crossfluence, with Pakistanis who are driving technology, connectivity and enablement for a brighter future.

This first of a kind technology event opened with a message by Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah, where he said:

“Our economy looks set to go in the right direction especially where connectivity and communications is concerned and we keenly support this entrepreneurial culture. PTA in its capacity is making every effort to ensure that a connected Pakistan is not a vision for later but for now. PTA continues to extend its support to initiatives like this event “Broadband Techmanity Crossfluence 2016”. My best wishes to the community at large as we celebrate a Digital Pakistan this World Telecom Day 2016.”

Humayun Bashir, Country GM IBM Pakistan & Afghanistan kicked off the event, followed by 8 minute Lightning Talks led by industry professionals including Faiq Sadiq (HBL), Omar Moeen Malik (Telenor Easypaisa), Nabeel Qadeer (PITB), Nadine Malik (Jovago Pakistan), Zoe Viccaji, Marco Feelisch (, Usman Riaz (Mano Animations), Sophia Pervez (Club Internet), Dr. Sara & Dr. Iffat (doctHERs), Abbas Akhtar (Vidpk) and Usman Majeed (Oracle Marketing Cloud).

Salaina Haroon, Managing Director & Editor of IDG Products in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, said on the occasion:

“IDG has created this boutique event Broadband Techmanity Crossfluence as an informal gathering of technologists and technology drivers, allowing everyone to network, engage, as well as listen to a host of speakers on how they have been engaging with digital, social and everything tech. Each of our Lightning Strikers represents the diversity of technology present in our industry, and platforms like these events are important for people to hear about the remarkable stories coming out of our booming technology industry.”

Presented by Broadband Gazette, PC World and MacWorld, the session hosted a great mix of people from in and around the ICT’s. Thinkers, Enablers, Doers, the Digerati, the Technorati, the Sociorati, celebrating both; connectivity and humanity with this small unconference filled with TED/Ignite style talks.

Partners for the event included Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Viper Technology & ARY News.


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