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“Soon, you can browse our rotating sets of stickers to join in on real­time conversations,
and select from the library of hundreds of accessories, emoji, and props to make your
photos more fun,” said Sasank Reddy, a senior product manager at Twitter.
The social media giant,Twitter,announced, a new feature called #Stickers that’s aimed at
making photo tweets,more creative and fun.This new feature means that its 310 million
users will soon be able to add cute little symbolic expressions to its photos/tweets.There
will be no limit on adding up of stickers to each photo.Plus afer you will tweet a photo
with stckers,the photo will become searchable in a unique way.By tapping the
sticker,you will be taken to a new timeline where you will be able to see how people all
across the globe have used that specific sticker on which you clicked.But twitters ‘
#stickers’ will not show up by themselves in the 140 char tweets or in direct
messages,instead you will have to apply them on to photos in the network’s Android or
iOS app during the photo­editing,in order to start using the new feature.By the addition
of this new feature twitter is adding more power to its tweets.Sort of a youth
magnet,since the young people are more into havng ‘emoji­sticker­filled” conversations
than adults,hence trgeting the current generation.
The target market is likely mostly younger people who have become
accustomed to using stickers and filters in messaging apps and will
appreciate them being present in Twitter too,” said Jan Dawson, chief
analyst with Jackdaw Research

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