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Ufone & Indus Hospital collaborate for Blood donation

Ufone & Indus Hospital collaborate for Blood donation

Ufone & Indus Hospital collaborate for Blood donation

Ufone in collaboration with the Indus Hospital held a blood donation drive at its regional office and call center located in Karachi to spread awareness and promote voluntary blood donation culture in Pakistan. The blood donation drive was led by members of Ufone Volunteer Group (UVG).

Under the collaboration, blood donors got free medical checkups and 9 free of cost blood tests were also administered to them; including Hepatitis B (2 tests), Hepatitis C, HIV (2 tests), syphilis, Malaria, Blood Group and Hemoglobin.

Speaking about the significance of this blood donation drive, Mr. Amir Pasha, Head of PR & CSR Ufone said, “Blood cannot be manufactured, therefore, the need to collect and provide blood at the time of need is of crucial importance. Corporate volunteerism being an integral part of Ufone’s CSR activities, we realize the importance of people’s welfare thus a blood donation drive was held to mobilize the nation towards 100% voluntary blood donation.”

Regarding the initiative, Dr. Saba Jamal at the Indus hospital said, “Indus hospital has the vision to provide the safest possible blood, meeting all international standards, to all segments of society without any discrimination. We have accentuated this vision by partnering and initiating a blood donation drive with Ufone.”

He added, “Ufone employees have indeed played their role as responsible citizens by actively participating in today’s activity, helping us achieving the vision of voluntary blood donation nationwide.”

It is pertinent to mention here that The Indus Hospital Blood Center is the first centralized blood bank of Pakistan; carrying out 456 blood drives till date along with 194 partners, with an overwhelming response, as 28000 voluntary donors participated.

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