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Advance Telecom Joins Huawei As a Major Products Distributor in Pakistan

Advance Telecom Joins Huawei As a Major Products Distributor in Pakistan

Owing to the overwhelmingly increased demand of its products in Pakistan, Huawei – the leading global technology brand has collaborated with “Advanced Telecom” as its new distributor, to expand its outreach and enhance the customers’ experience, whereby making it easier for the customers to experience and purchase Huawei’s innovative products all across the Pakistan market.

The agreement for the said collaboration was signed today, during a press conference held at the Royal Palm in Lahore, where the Managing Director of Huawei Pakistan – Mr. Shawn and the CEO of Advanced Telecom, -Mr. Rizwan Majeed was present, accompanied by the President of Advanced Telecom – Mr. Asif Majeed. The ceremony was also witnessed by senior officials of Huawei and Advanced Telecom, along with media persons and technology bloggers.

Advance Telecom holds an experience of more than a decade in distributing mobile phones and accessories, across Pakistan. It has been a vital part of the marketing network of the biggest technology brands, and now Advance Telecom operates through a vast network of outlets all over the country.

The MD of Huawei devices in Pakistan – Mr. Shawn said that “Huawei Pakistan is pleased to collaborate with a strong distribution team like Advanced Telecom, which will ensure an extensive outreach of Huawei products and significantly enhance the customer experience. The existing distributors of Huawei Pakistan – Airlink and M&P have also played a pivotal role in strengthening the Huawei brand. Huawei is consistently enhancing its business operations in Pakistan, with a special focus on the expansion of the distribution network to ensure easier access to all segments of the markets all over the country.

CEO of Advanced Telecom, -Mr. Asif Majeed said, “Huawei is the pioneering technology brand of today’s sophisticated telecom era. It has dominated the markets across the globe due to its highest commitment to enhancing the customers’ experience. Also, it can be said that Huawei is an exclusive international brand in Pakistan that offers the latest, most powerful devices.”

Although Huawei has already conquered Pakistan’s consumer market very rapidly, with this new partnership, various new milestones towards smoother and deeper outreach of product will be achieved soon. Subsequently, customers will now be able to enjoy Huawei’s superior quality products, promising stronger connectivity and smarter functions.

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