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All the details required to apply in the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

All the details required to apply in the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has just announced the launch of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme an idea that will be implemented by building and supplying 5 million houses for the common citizens of Pakistan and if the Idea is in fact implemented then this could be a great success both for the Government and its people as it will also provide job opportunities for the common man.

After the announcement, NADRA has now issued forms for the housing scheme and the project has started in seven districts which include Islamabad, Sukkur, Faislabad, Gilgit, Muzaffrabad, Swat and Quetta.

It seems to be an important project to complete for the new government with its main objective being to supply 5 million cost-effective houses and to provide at least 6 Million jobs across the government’s 5 year tenure. The project which seems like a hard or almost impossible task to complete is one of the main objectives for the government this term. PM Imran Khan created a task force during the third week in power who had the sole purpose of providing the new government with ideas and suggestions within a week and after discussions and finalization the government has finally launched this initiative and the government will be in charge of providing the necessary land and capital for the project as well as also supervising the whole project themselves. The government will make sure that a suitable environment for the public and private sectors is provided to them to execute the project with accuracy and efficiency.

The Prime Minister also believe that if this project is successfully completed than the project can help in providing as many as 6 million jobs and can also help in creating demand in the 40 or so industries that are involved in building & attract FDI as mentioned in his twitter post


So who can apply for this project and how can one apply in it?

According to the eligibility criteria of the scheme only one person per family is eligible to apply in this project. Other requirements state that only candidates who do not own any independent residential unit in Pakistan will be able to avail this benefit and that the homes are to be provided to the common man who ears in between 10,000rs-25000rs. Applicants are to then deposit a standard fee of about 250rs along with the registration form to the designated authorities and finally the housing authority will decide the specifications for the houses which will include the design of the house, the price, and the site or the foundation, where these houses are to be build all this is to be determined by the date collected from the forms. The registration forms are now available and can be downloaded from NADRA’s official website. The forms can be submitted within two months of issuance at the designated district offices where a fee of 250rs is also to be submitted.

The registration forms can be submitted in the following locations/offices.

SUKKUR; DC Office Sukkur.

QUETTA; NADRA Registration Center, Sariab Road Quetta.

Gilgit ; DC Office Gilgit.

Muzaffrabad  ; DC Office old secatariat, Muzaffarabad.

Swat; DC Office, District Court Swat.

Islamabad; NADRA Mega Center, Blue Area Islamabad.

Faisalabad; DC Office Faisalabad.

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