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Huawei GR3 will be Another Surprise of Company in 2016

Huawei GR3 will be Another Surprise of Company in 2016

The leading global technology manufacturer, Huawei, has been outperforming since quite a few years. In the preceding year, Huawei was able to set a new record in the history of Pakistan’s consumer market with its outstanding Mate S. Also the rumors for P9 and Matebook are setting the impression that 2016 will again be named for Huawei’s supremacy. Another high tech smartphone from the Huawei Technologies is expected to be called Huawei GR3, which will be launched in Pakistan soon, but the exact month or the quarter has not been specified by the company.

According to the information and leaks so far, Huawei GR3 is proclaimed to be one of the best smartphones that would be witnessed by the technology lovers in the world. Huawei has designed GR3 into an unibodied structure alloy, made up of aircraft graded aluminum. Metallic luster leaves a smooth and a simple feel of beauty and exquisite craft. Although Huawei will offer GR3 in three colors – possibly Silver, Gray, and Gold – the metallic body and its silver color would compliment each other perfectly- making it the most elegantly cased phone. While the gold and gray would attract an audience of its own.

Huawei GR3 is the next step towards compact and slim smart phones. It has the thickness of only 7.6mm. It is straight on the edges while the corners have been rounded giving it a perfectly exquisite look from all angles. The Huawei GR3 body gives the impression of a streamlined design and it is incorporated with the finest taste of aesthetics. It weighs only 135g, that is extremely light and delightful change for the customers waiting impatiently for this piece of technology. Huawei has also improvised 63µm ceramic sandblasting technology, coupled it with two step atomization and high-light trimming to make it an incredible product. Overall, Huawei has designed the all new GR3 with a fine touch that cannot be described in words but can only be felt by using the ultra modern product.

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