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Huawei introduces best entry-level Smartphone in the Pakistani Market

Huawei introduces best entry-level Smartphone in the Pakistani Market

Huawei Technologies, the Chinese Technology Giant, has unleashed its latest wonder entry-level Smart phone in the international market, which is now available in Pakistan after becoming a global hit. Huawei has given the bundle of attractive and user-friendly apps in this small package i.e. Huawei Y3. Out of many uniquely amazing features of this Smartphone, its versatility in terms of market capture is the best. Huawei has confidently stated that this Smartphone has been manufactured keeping in mind the customers belonging to customers from the entire social and age groups.

Many features of this Smartphone can be listed out as its main attraction, for instance, its 4 inches smooth full screen, which exhibits bright and vibrant colored features and pictures, its Super CPU, its aptly capable camera and battery, it’s extremely fine and smooth design and also its efficient management system i.e. EMUI 3.0 Lite.

This Smartphone runs on Android KitKat 4.4 OS, Quad-core processor with 512GB RAM and 4GB ROM and memory that extends up to 32GB. The design of this unique Smartphone is also another attraction for the customers among many others, it is light in weight with a flawless curve design, smooth Matte finish touch and elegant patterned back cover makes its scratch free and also to be used single-handedly without any inconvenience.

Huawei Y3 is a 3G enabled Smartphone, with user-friendly interface and efficient EMUI 3.0 Lite. The strong power bank of this Smartphone i.e. its 1730 mAh battery which is backed by super power saving technology makes it the best phone to take with you to colleges, offices and even at gatherings. Its camera features add even more to its awesomeness, with 5MP rear and 2MP front camera (which surely you won’t be able to find in Y3 peers) because of its distinctive quality to capture bright pictures even in low light with the help of its Dual-Flash light. This phone is the no doubt the best Smartphone for people who want such a Smartphone that would instantly grab the eye and the mind without being the burden on the set budget.

This ultra cool gadget would be available in attractive color range and the customers would be free to choose a color that suits his/her mood the most. Given the price range, its fine design, the bundle of cool and incredible features it can be fairly stated that this Smartphone would surely tempt its customers and set a new high sale target in the mobile market.

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