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Huawei Officially Begins Huawei Pay Service through NFC from China

Huawei Officially Begins Huawei Pay Service through NFC from China

Huawei indeed is a leading technology master in the world and it has higher goals that have ever been set and achieved by any technology brand. Huawei has been growing throughout the globe by leaps and bounces and it has indulged itself with a larger spectrum of it consumers’ day to day needs and desires. From technology solutions to a smartphone, from best entertainer to the best service provider, Huawei can be witnessed everyday life. Owing to its commitment elevate technological advancement across the globe and to serve its customers with the best, Huawei has recently announced a premiere Huawei Pay service, from China.

The said service can be availed by the local consumers by simply utilizing the NFC chip of their Huawei smart phone. In a recent development a Chinese payment service provider, China Union Pay collaborated with the technology giant to the larger pools of Huawei brand customers in China. Although other competitors in the technology world have also begun such services, it is strongly expected Huawei due to its popularity for being customer oriented brand will earn the accolade and the said service will spread readily across the world. This will not only connect the world in a better way.

MD Huawei devices section in Pakistan, -Mr. Shawn said, “Huawei Pay service is one of our best gifts to our loyal brand followers in China. We are also looking forward to beginning the Huawei Pay service in Pakistan as well Because Pakistan is the 3rd largest market where an affirmative trend of growth of the Huawei has been witnessed last year. Furthermore, Huawei has a considerably larger consumer pool in Pakistan.”

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